Having fun with the Holga

29 Sep


We went for a wander down to the park alongside the river recently & had a bit of fun taking some silly pictures to see how they’d turn out.

I like the idea of playing with shadows & the first shot has captured perfectly exactly what I wanted, my very own Aladdin in shadow form.

The second one of the trees that are lining the park make a great backdrop.  At this time of the year, when they are still bare from winter, they make a great contrast in the sky.

The last one is an accidental double exposure that I actually really like & it has made me interested in trying to get some more ‘out of the norm’ shots.









No rules

30 Jul

As an amateur film photographer  I’m often left wondering if what I’m shooting is worth it.  I don’t process my own film yet, I’m lucky enough to have someone to do that for me.  To be honest, I’d probably be happy just taking the photos but I do understand that it’s in the processing that you get the results you want.  Some of the best photographers really pushed the boundaries in terms of how they processed their films, using all sorts of techniques to tweak the photo to make it  look different.

When my latest film was processed there was apparently too much pushing & not enough pulling. (or maybe the other way around) I have no idea what either of these terms mean but it resulted in some pretty interesting photos.  One thing I am learning is there ARE NO RULES when it comes to photography.  Some of my favourite pictures come from the photographer breaking the rules & pushing the boundaries.  They are not meant to be the crisp, sharp fine details  of digital that we are used to seeing in glossy magazines & posters.  They make you think.  Well, they make me think anyway.

These shots would probably be quite boring if it wasn’t for the way they were processed.






Shoot what you love…

15 Jul

When I first started using black & white film I was a little scared.  Scared that because it was film I had to somehow make sure that each shot was perfect.

Steve told me to just take pictures.  Shoot what I love.

I love these guys.  All of them.










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